Pewter Celtic Holy Trinity Knots Square Shaped Tie Bar

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Pewter Celtic Holy Trinity Knots Square Shaped Tie Bar

Von Hamilton and Young

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A highly attractive Celtic Tiebar, with a design based on a traditional Celtic Knot. Crafted in the finest Pewter, this quality Tiebar will delight lovers of all things Celtic, and the unique history of the Celts and their influence on our lives today. Shipped to you in an attractive Black box, it will make an ideal gift, and a lasting memento, for yourself or for someone you love. Size (approx) - 16.5mm x 56.5mm.

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Marke Hamilton and Young
Kategorie Krawattennadeln
Inhalt Presented in a black gift box, making it an ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, or a gift or souvenir for a loved one, or why not just treat yourself!
Anzeige Features a Celtic Design. The Celts were a collection of tribes across central Europe. They shared many similarities between traditions, religious beliefs and culture. They spread across Central Europe to Britain, France, Spain and Ireland and were originally known by the Roman Empire as "Galli" meaning Barbarians.
Vielfalt Crafted in the finest Pewter which is a metal alloy and is a compound made of elements, the main ones being Tin, Copper and Antimony which act as hardeners. Pewter was originally used in the Bronze Age (3000BC-1200BC), the earliest piece was found in an Egyptian tomb 1450BC. Pewter became a customary alloy found in jugs, tankards, wine glasses, inkwells, candlesticks, and cutlery and many other household goods.
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