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Klorane Camomile Shampoo

Von Klorane

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Introduced in avery soft emulsifying base,KLORANE chamomile extract gives the shampoo its blond effect, the apigenin it containsis fixed in the hair fibers,covering the scales without penetrating the center of the hair, providing progressively beautiful golden highlights. How to use: • A single application is sufficient. •Let stand a few minutes. • Rinse abundantly.This very mild shampoosuits both mothers and little ones. • Use as many times as necessary. Without any dye or synthetic bleach, naturally revives the hair, returning shine and radiance to the hair. Proven Efficacy:The Golden reflex shampoo with KLORANE chamomile extract has been recognized for itseffect on blond highlights(71% satisfaction), for its effects on hair after use, leaving hair shiny (75%), and soft (85 %). Tips and tricks from your pharmacist: Complete the action of the shampoo with the care of the range with KLORANE chamomile extract.


Marke Klorane
Kategorie Shampoo & Spülung
Größe 200 ml
Fruugo-ID 18684044-90951462
EAN 3282779028400
Virtuelles Einzelhändlernetz des Händlers ESB67129486

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