Hercules Sägemann 9090 Scalp Brush Hair Dryer Styler 3-rows

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Hercules Sägemann 9090 Scalp Brush Hair Dryer Styler 3-rows

Hercules Sägemann 9090 Scalp Brush Hair Dryer Styler 3-rows

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Hercules Sägemann Scalp Brush features well-balanced acrylic body with flexible nylon pins. Very pleasant for detangling - it gently removes the knots on wet and dry hair.Optimizes the distribution of hair cosmetics while massaging the scalp. Perfect for coloring the hair. Suitable for styling dry hair and for extensions.Thanks to its massaging beads at the end of the fibres, Scalp Brush gently eliminates residues and flakes, stimulates micro circulation, helps spread evenly shampoo along the hair.Flexible nylon pinsRounded pins made of high quality nylon, set in a special way detangle the hair and feel very pleasant on the scalp and softly massage it, thus improving blood circulation and supporting growth of healthy hair.Even when brushing through very strained and knotted hair the brush is very gentle to the hair and scalp. No tugging and pulling The perfect brush. Number of rows 3.Hercules Sägemann (Germany)They have been producing highest quality professional brushes for over 150 years. Each Hercules brush stands for maximum hair protection and fulfills the highest professional requirements. When you buy Hercules Sägemann you buy the best in the world the best in class brushes.

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