The Meaning of Madness second edition by Neel Burton

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The Meaning of Madness second edition by Neel Burton

Von Acheron Press

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This book aims to open up the debate on mental disorders to get people interested and talking and to get them thinking. For example what is schizophrenia Why is it so common Why does it affect human beings but not other animals What might this tell us about our mind and body language and creativity music and religion What are the boundaries between mental disorder and normality Is there a relationship between mental disorder and genius These are some of the difficult but important q


Marke Acheron Press
Kategorie Bücher
Autor Neel Burton
Format Paperback
Sprache English
Seitenzahl 220
Erscheinungsdatum 2019-12-02
Verlag / Label Acheron Press
Fruugo-ID 48602576-96468090
ISBN 9781913260033
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