Cyborg Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

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Cyborg Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

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A wallet that just reset all your passwords.Yes, our Cyborg Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet resembles Cyborg's plated cybernetics, but it certainly isn't equipped with a quantum hard drive capable of hacking NASA satellites and alien transportation technology (i.e., "Boom Tubes").Nope, it certainly isn't. Although....dialing "0" on your smartphone opens a portal to Apokolips, and the wallet makes you invisible to any and all digital recording devices. Hmmm....Anyway, yeah, it's a Cyborg wallet and I think it's amassing an army of soda machines and electric lawnmowers to conquer mankind.How does this Cyborg wallet convey Vic Stone's bleeding-edge cybernetic sleeve?A raised and ridged Cyborg symbol blended with shiny, softened chrome.Raised, carefully stitched accents simulating Vic's impervious plating.Gray, indented material simulating Vic's flexible sub-armor.The interior Rendered in a stitched, leather-like material, the right side features four card slots.The left side features an ID slot covered in clear plastic.More awesome details regarding your new Cyborg wallet Measures 8" across, 3.5" high (open).Measures 4" across, 3.5" high (closed).
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