Aquaman Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

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Aquaman Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

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A wallet that's a match for the Mariana Trench.As Aquaman, you have super-tough skin capable of withstanding the ridiculous pressures of ridiculous undersea depths. Unlike you, your clamshell wallets crumble the second you reach 1,000 fathoms below sea level.Because you're a king -- and deserving of kingly things -- it's time for an ornate wallet that mimics your royal vestments and survives your perilous undersea adventures.The Aquaman Chrome Weld Patch Men's Bi-Fold Wallet coveys royalty, and performs admirably in extreme pressure-filled environments.With carefully stitched costume appliques representing hand-sewn Atlantean tailoring, this Aquaman wallet boasts royalty, craftsmanship, and supreme pressure resilience.Let's break it down:The exterior A slightly raised Aquaman symbol blended with shiny, softened chrome.Green and patterned Atlantian applique trimmed in yellow and bonded with intricate stitching.A soft, black, and suede-like backing.The interior Rendered in a stitched, leather-like material, the right side features four card slots and an indented Aquaman logo.The left side features an ID slot covered in clear plastic.More awesome details regarding your new Aquaman wallet Measures 8" across, 3.5" high (open).Measures 4" across, 3.5" high (closed).
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  • EAN: 190371830730
  • Virtuelles Einzelhändlernetz des Händlers: 47-2152849

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