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Alabama Noir by Don Noble

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One of the Southern Review of Books Best Southern Books of April 2020 Alabama Noir presents a group of stories diverse in their approach their subject matter their subgenre their influences and their political perspective and it can be fascinating to see how those varied influences intersect. Another Chicago Magazine Banish any boredom with a descent into Alabama Noir. Southern Review of Books The 16 tales in this entertaining Akashic noir anthology cover the entire state of Alab

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Marke No Brand
Kategorie Fiktion
Autor Don Noble
Format Paperback softback
Sprache English
Seitenzahl 256
Erscheinungsdatum 2020-04-09
Verlag / Label Akashic Books & U.S.
Fruugo-ID 48140890-95676311
ISBN 9781617758089
Virtuelles Einzelhändlernetz des Händlers GB 160 5650 25